William Melville Ford died on 7th June, 1962, at Wembley, Middlesex, aged 61.

Mr. Ford, who attended the Sir John Cass Technical Institute for training, spent almost the whole of his career with Messrs. G.T. Holloway and Co., Ltd., of London. He began as assayer in March, 1918, and was subsequently engaged on general metallurgical analysis, including experience on the rare and precious metals and on special refractories, and carried out ore treatment investigations. He was appointed chief assayer, and retained this position until his retirement from the company in 1953. He then became general manager of P.B. Sillimanite Co., Ltd., of London.

Mr. Ford joined the Institution in 1923 as a Student, and was transferred to Associate Membership in 1934.

Vol. 72, Trans IMM 1962-63, p.791

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