Caradoc James died at sea whilst on his way home from West Africa, on July 2nd, 1914.

He studied at the Ballarat School of Mines, and on completion of the course in 1893 obtained final certificates in assaying and metallurgy. From 1895 to 1897 he conducted a public assay office in Coolgardie on his own account, and subsequently was appointed assayer, for six months, at the Blevins Find gold mine, North Niagara, Western Australia, then for about nine months at the Chaffers gold mine, Kalgoorlie, and for three years and three months at the Golden Links, Ltd., mines.

From 1902 to 1910 he was metallurgist to the Eclipse Lease mine of the Golden Links, Ltd. In 1911 he left Australia to take up a position on the Abosso gold mine, Gold Coast, West Africa, and from 1912 to the time of his death was engaged by the Taquah Mining and Exploration Co., Ltd., Tarkwa, West Africa.

Mr. James was elected an Associate of the Institution in 1903.

Vol. 23, Trans IMM 1913-14, p.524.

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