John Lloyd Thomas Jones died in India at the close of the year 1925.

He was trained for the medical profession and obtained the degrees of M.R.C.S. (London) and M.B. (Durham) in 1885, and the D.P.H. (Cambridge) in 1893. During the years 1891-2 he was studying chemistry and metallurgy at the Royal College of Science, and assaying at the Royal Mint, London. In 1893 he went to India as probationer at H.M. Assay Office, Calcutta Mint. In 1899 he held the position of Officiating Assay Master in Calcutta. For a period in 1900 he was in the Standards Department of the Board of Trade, London, before being appointed Deputy Assay Master of the Bombay Mint. In 1908 he was back in Calcutta as Assay Master, and in 1911 he returned to the Bombay Mint in the same capacity. He held a commission in the Indian Medical Service, ultimately attaining the rank of Lieut.-Colonel.

Colonel Jones was elected a Member of the Institution in 1907,

Vol. 36, Trans IMM 1926-27, p.532

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