Owen Jones died at West Kensington in the spring of 1916, and was about 40 years of age.

He was a native of Cape Colony, and was educated at the South African College School, Cape Town, and later at University College School, London. In 1896 he became a student at the Royal School of Mines and obtained his Associateship in mining in 1900.

Immediately after graduation and for several years he was engaged in various capacities with the Caylloma Silver Mining Co. of Peru; and during the last four years of his life he held two more South American appointments, with the Famatina Co., Ltd., and the San Juan (S.A.) Lands Co., Ltd., both of Argentina. In fact, with the exception of a short trip to Abosso, West Africa, in 1913, the whole of his professional work was done in Peru and Argentina.

Mr. Jones was admitted to Studentship of the Institution in 1898, and was transferred to Associateship in 1903.

Vol. 25, Trans IMM 1915-16, pp.399-400

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