Roby Robert Jewell died in London on October 8th, 1923, after a short illness culminating in pneumonia.

During the years 1896 and 1897 he was engaged as a miner and machine-driller at the Waitekauri United Gold mine, Upper Thames, New Zealand. He came to England in 1903 and was a student in the laboratory of the late G.T. Holloway, spending the summer term of 1904 at Henderson’s School of Mining, Truro.

In 1905 he went to Australia, when for a few months he was assistant manager on mines of the Corona Consolidated, Ltd., W.A., afterwards engaging in prospecting work on the Greenbushes Tinfields. In 1906 he was offered an appointment as assistant manager of the Eigat Gold mines of the Egyptian Options, Ltd., which he held for about 18 months.

In 1910 he went to West Africa as assistant manager, afterwards manager to the Ashanti Belpraw, Ltd., Coomassie, which position he occupied until 1913, when he proceeded on a prospecting and exploring expedition in Spitzbergen for the Northern Exploration Co.

From 1914 to 1920 he served in H.M. Forces in the R.F.A. After demobilization he returned to West Africa, reporting on and examining properties for the Affoh Development Syndicate in the Gold Coast Colony.

Mr. Jewell was admitted to Studentship of the Institution in 1901, and was transferred to Associateship in 1907.

Vol. 34, Trans IMM 1924-25, pp.568-9.

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