Stephen Alfred Jones died in Northern Nigeria on December 13th, 1913, at the age of 30.

For a period of 4½ years from 1900 onwards he acted as assistant to Mr. James E. Ferguson, F.G.S., analytical chemist and assayer, in London, and in 1904 went to India, where he was engaged as engineer in charge of the Balaghat mine, and later took charge of the laboratories. From 1905 to 1912 he was chemist to the Vizianagram Mining Co., Ltd. In March, 1913, he went to Northern Nigeria in the service of the Naraguta Nigeria) Tin Mines, Ltd., and it was whilst fulfilling this contract that he met his untimely death, which took place in December of the same year, as above stated.

Mr. Jones was admitted to Studentship of the Institution in 1906, and was transferred to Associateship in 1910.

Vol. 23, Trans IMM 1913-14, pp.524-25

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