William Caley Johnstone died of pneumonia in Panama on October 7th, 1918, at the age of 48 years.

He received his technical training at the Royal Prussian School of Mines, Clausthal-im-Hartz, Germany, where he studied for four years and passed First Class in examinations on mining, smelting, surveying, geology, ore-dressing, mineralogy and ore deposits. He had practical experience of work at many of the large mines on the Continent, and in addition gained some knowledge of Cornish and Welsh mines.

Towards the end of 1892 he went to Panama as assistant mining engineer at the Colombian Quartz Mining Co.’s mines, El Remanee at Santiago de Veraguas, and La Hacienda Minera de la Guaca. In 1910 he became assistant engineer in the Department of Public Works at Panama, and he remained in that employment and city until the date of his death.

Mr. Johnstone was admitted to Studentship of the Institution in 1893, and transferred to Associateship in 1898.

Vol. 23, Trans IMM 1913-14, p.524.

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