William Jones died at Mina de Banjas, Portugal, on December 11th, 1940, at the age of 77.

The first seven years of his professional work as a metallurgist were spent in Scotland with several firms of analytical chemists, and he then went to the United States to take charge for two years of the furnaces and concentrating plant of the Arizona Copper Company. Following that engagement he joined the staff of the Cassel Gold Extracting Co., Ltd., and in that way began a long and close association with the late J.S. MacArthur. He visited South America; for the firm, where he was for some time engaged in erecting plant in Chile, Peru and Bolivia, and he subsequently travelled extensively on similar engagements in the United States, Canada, South and West Africa.

Turning later to mining, he was for some time connected with the Akrokerri group on the Gold Coast, but in later years he confined his activities almost exclusively to Spain and Portugal, where he developed tin, Wolfram and gold properties.

Mr. Jones was elected a Member of the Institution in 1892, the year of its foundation.

Vol. 51, Trans IMM 1941-2, pp.335-6

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