Blamey Stevens died in Mexico City on November 23rd, 1939, at the age of 64.

He was British by birth, being born at Plymouth, and in 1891 he was awarded a L.C.C. Exhibition and, three years later, a scholarship admitting him to Manchester University, where he obtained the degree of B.Sc. In 1896 he was awarded a Bowen Research Scholarship by the Midland University, and obtained the M.Sc. at Manchester University in the following year.

For the next thirteen years he was in Alaska, working on gold and copper mines, and practising as a consulting engineer in Alaska, Seattle, and New York City. In 1912 he went to Mexico as engineer and manager of Rincon Mine, Temascaltepee, and he spent the greater part of his subsequent professional career in that country. He was a prolific writer, having several books to his credit and numerous contributions to scientific and technical publications.

Mr. Stevens was elected a Member of the Institution in 1913.

Vol. 50, Trans I.M.M., 1940-41, p.552

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