Edmondson Spencer died on 19th November, 1955, at the age of 70.

He was a student at the Royal College of Science and the Royal School of Mines from 1909 to 1915 and gained first-class Associateships in and an honours degree B.Sc. (Geology). In 1916 he gained the Fellowship of the Institute of Chemistry by examination. He took a post from 1914 to 1916 as metallurgist at Woolwich Arsenal and in 1916 worked as chief metallurgist to Gnome and Le Rhone Aero Engine Co., and from 1916 to 1919 as chief metallurgist in the aero engine and gun departments of Vickers, Ltd.

After the war, Dr. Spencer was appointed consulting chemist and geologist to Messrs. Bird & Co. in their research department at Calcutta, where he worked from 1919 to 1923. He returned to England to undertake research work in geology at Liverpool University and gained the Ph.D. degree of London University. During 1923 and 1924 he visited various metallurgical works in Malaya, Japan, United States of America, and England in connexion with his position with Messrs. Bird & Co., and returned to Calcutta to take full charge of their research department. He remained its head for twelve years until his appointment in 1936 as technical adviser to Messrs. Bird & Co., when he came to live in England.

Dr. Spencer was the author of various technical papers published both in the United Kingdom and India.

He was elected a Member of the Institution in 1925.

Vol. 65, Trans I.M.M., 1955-56, p.467

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