George Schack-Sommer died in Galicia of wounds received in action on June 7th, 1915, whilst serving as 2nd Lieutenant in the Artirsky Hussars of the Russian Army. He was 25 years of age.

After doing some practical underground work in Cornwall, he took the associateship course of the Royal School of Mines, and was then selected for a post-graduate practical course of two years at the Ooregum Gold Mine, under the auspices of the Institution, for the satisfactory completion of which he received the Institution certificate.

He left India and obtained an appointment with the South Urals Mining Co., at Tanalyk, where he remained until, on the outbreak of war, he petitioned the Tsar to be allowed to join the Russian Army. After much persistent effort, he succeeded in obtaining the necessary permission and enlisted in the 12th Artirsky Hussars. He went with the Russians through the Dukla Pass of the Carpathians into Hungary and was awarded the St. George’s Cross for valour in successfully carrying out a difficult and dangerous reconnaissance during the fighting there. He was decorated on two other occasions, receiving three out of the four classes the St. George’s Cross. In January, 1915, he was promoted Corporal and was recommended for a commission in April.

Mr. Schack Sommer was admitted to Studentship of the Institution in 1908.

Vol. 25, Trans I.M.M., 1915-16, pp.406-7

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