Oscar Julian Stannard died at Twyford, Berkshire, on October 15th, 1943.

Originally named Steinhart, he was born in the U.S.A. of which his father became a citizen in 1854, and studied chemistry and metallurgy at several Universities and Technical High Schools in Germany from 1883 to 1889. In 1888 he graduated as Ph.D. at the University of Erlangen, and in the following year begun a year’s tour of large metallurgical and chemical works on the Continent.

From 1891 to 1893 he was managing chemist to Messrs. May & Baker, London, and from 1893 to 1896 metallurgist and chemist to the Chemical and Electrolytic Syndicate, London. In 1897 he entered into partnership with the late J.L.F. Vogel, M.Inst.M.M. (who had been his assistant in his previous appointment), under the style of Steinhart & Vogel, consulting chemists and metallurgists. The late T.C. Cloud joined the firm in 1905, but the partnership was dissolved in 1907, and Dr. Steinhart subsequently entered into partnership with the late H.L. Twite, A.R.S.M., as Twite & Steinhart.

In 1915 he changed his name by deed poll to Stannard and continued to practise under the style of Twite & Stannard, his partner being killed in action in December, 1915.

Dr. Stannard was elected a Member of the Institution in 1906.

Vol. 53, Trans I.M.M., 1943-44, p.440

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