Sydney A.R. Skertchly died on April 27th, 1920, aged 49 years.

At a comparatively early age he received a course of training under Mr. J.A. Skertchly on various mines abroad, together with instruction in geology under Mr. S.B.J. Skertchly, of H.M. Geological Survey, this being followed by training in metallurgy, assaying and the analysis of ores under Mr. William Martin. In 1888 he was engaged as assayer, sampler and furnace foreman to the Metals Extraction Co. of London, which was treating refractory gold and silver ores by a chlorination process. From 1891 to 1895 he acted, for two years as foreman and for a like period as assistant manager, on the hydraulic gold-placer mines of the East Kootenay, Exploration Co., Ltd., at Wild Horse Creek, British Columbia, and was instrumental in laying three pipe-lines equipped with giants, gates, etc., working under 400 ft. head. He also erected an electric light plant and constructed many thousand feet of sluices and flumes, and kept the mine plans of the company.

In 1897 he went to Western Australia as engineer to the Polar Star Gold Mines, and there erected a 10-stamp mill, winding plants, pumping machinery and a light railway. From 1898 to 1900 he was general manager of the Rubicon and Polar Star group of gold mines at Cue and Day Dawn. In 1901 he went to West Africa to examine and report on gold concessions for Messrs. Shelford & Sons, and in the following year he was appointed manager, with full general power of attorney, of the copper mines belonging to the Coruna Copper Co., Ltd., at Coruna, Spain.

In 1903 he became consulting engineer to the London Mines Finance Co., Ltd., of whose various mines in Mexico he had charge, and in the following year he was appointed manager, with full general power of attorney, to the Mexican Oil Corporation, Ltd. In 1909 he became manager of the San Martin gold and silver mines, Oaxaca, Mexico, for Messrs. Denny Brothers, and in 1910 he was engaged as manager of the gold and silver mines at Les Reyes, Talisco, Mexico. Subsequently, he went to Peru, whence he had returned shortly before his death.

Mr. Skertchly was elected an Associate of the Institution in 1902 and was transferred to Membership in 1911.

Vol. 30, Trans I.M.M., 1920-21, pp.482-3

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