Sydney Goodwin Stromqvist was killed in action at Loos on September 26th, 1915. As a Captain in the Lincolnshire Regiment he led his men into battle in the bravest manner; was wounded, but kept on his way until he was again hit and almost immediately expired.

He was 36 years of age, and obtained the Associateship of the Royal School of Mines in 1899. After a few months spent in the capacity oi chemist to the Alloys Syndicate, Ltd., Mr. Stromqvist went to West Africa as assistant engineer to Mr. S.J. Speak; and on his return in October, 1902, acted as metallurgist-in-charge at the works of the New Vanadium Alloys, Ltd., at Llanelly, South Wales.

His next post was in the Sudan, and in November, 1904, he went to British Columbia as assayer to the Ymir Gold Mines, Ltd. After remaining there for two years he went to India and for five years, from 1906 to 1911, he was mining engineer and general superintendent to the Workington Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shimoga, Mysore State, having charge of the company’s manganese mines and its light railway. In the interval between his return from India and his joining the army, he spent a considerable time in England.

Mr. Stromqvist was elected an Associate of the Institution in 1906 and transferred to Membership in 1912.

Vol. 25, Trans I.M.M., 1915-16, p.407

[See S.J. Speak – Korea]

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